You aren't edgy and cool, you're ruining your life.

School Violence
Thomas Moens

It's been 5 days since the tragic shooting that took place in Parkland, FL. In that time, we have had multiple cases of school shooting threats posted on social media in our own area.

The first took place on Friday when someone made a fake Facebook account and posted in EvansvilleWatch. 18 year old Brandon Lee Jones posted that "since Florida lost some people, it’s time for somebody else to (sic) I’m shooting up one of the Evansville High Schools tomorrow." He did this with the intention of getting school cancelled on Friday.

The latest threat came this morning, as someone made a threat on Snapchat warning of shootings at Castle South and Castle North. The motive behind that is still being investigated.

What the hell are they trying to accomplish with these threats? Getting a day off of school? That's the absolute worst way to go about doing that. Using a national tragedy as a way to skip school, while also making people fear for their lives, is basically the lowest thing you can do. It's selfish and wrong. It's so shortsighted that it makes my head spin. The best case scenario of your fake-school shooting threat is a day off from school? Does that seem like a fair trade-off?

I see a lot of threats that happen on Snapchat because the Snaps "disappear" after 10 seconds. SPOILER: People can screenshot that and you can be traced. Stick to using Snapchat for putting obnoxious filters on your face.

In the case of the 18 year old who made the threat on Friday, he's legit ****ed up his life. He now has a criminal record because he didn't want to go to school. He decided that a mass-shooting threat was a better option than just skipping school. It's one of the dumbest things I've heard in a really long time.

And then there are the people who have no motive but to be "edgy and cool." You aren't. Make all the horrible jokes you want about tragedy, but when you cross the line into making threats of your own, you are putting yourself, and everyone around you, in danger.

If you're really thinking about hurting people or committing one of these shootings, please, tell someone. You can get help. There are other ways. Tell an adult, a school counselor, a teacher, your parents, hell, go to the police if you have to. Nobody needs to get hurt. You can prevent this from happening. Please think of others.

In conclusion, quit making threats to be cool or for personal gain. You'll just end up severely messing up your life. And it's really not worth it.

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