It's time to do the Time Warp again!

Lips/Rocky Horror Picture Show
20th Century Fox

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the perfect example of a "cult film." Not everyone is gonna understand it, but if you love it, you LOVE it. While most people are familiar with the movie version,the show has been adapted into a stage musical.

For the past 4 years, StageTWO has produced the annual event and this year it promises to be even better!

"We see you shiver with antici...... pation! Don't miss our annual production of cult classic "The Rocky Horror Show," featuring a live band and more Transylvanians than you can shake a corset at! Join us for a fun, participatory event—including pre-show games and frivolity! Audience participation strongly encouraged!"

The opens on Friday, Oct. 26th and runs through the wee hours of the morning on October. 28th.Showtimes are:

Friday, October 26 7:30PM
Saturday, October 27 7:30PM
Saturday, October 27 Midnight

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