Netflix may have shut down production on the new stuff they were working on, but there are still plenty of good movies that have already been finished that you can watch. Spenser: Confidential has Mark Wahlberg bringing back one of the 80's most beloved television detectives by showing exactly what got Spencer into the private eye game in the first place.

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Spenser: For Hire was a television series that aired on ABC in the mid-80's starring Robert Urich, based on the Robert B. Parker's novels. Spenser was an ex-cop turned  private eye, that decided to fight crime in his own way with the help of his mysterious partner named Hawk. Hawk, played by Avery Brooks was more recently known for his role as Benjamin Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

In this new 'prequel' movie, the young version of Hawk is played Winston Duke whom you may remember as M'baku of the Gorilla Tribe from the Avengers movies and the husband in Jordan Peele's "Us". Although he doesn't yet carry the twin pistols or drive the matching Black and White BMW's like his older counterpart, he still has the Hawk-ish bad boy attitude and the compassion for animals. Post Malone also makes a guest appearance as an angry convict that was locked up with Spenser.

Wahlberg plays this new rendition of Spencer is pretty well, and I could actually see a new TV show possible spinning off. We'll see.... Check out the official trailer below and enjoy Spenser: Confidential the next time you're on Netflix.

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