I'll admit, it doesn't take much to distract me from whatever it is I'm doing at the time, but when I saw snow falling from the ski on Tuesday I couldn't stop from staring out the window for an extended amount of time. It wasn't that I was completely fascinated by the falling flakes (although that had a little to do with it), but my mind started to wander with thoughts of all the fun I could have if enough of the snow stuck.

It should be noted that I'm also the dad at the playground who is playing on the equipment not because my kids want me to, but because I want to. So even as it became clear the snow wouldn't stick around for long, I started thinking about potential snowman possibilities, taking my kids sledding down the levy near our house on the north side of Evansville, and snowball fights that will inevitably end in tears as one of them gets smacked in the face with snow.

Unfortunately in the time it took me to write this blog, any signs of the morning's snow were gone. However, it hasn't stopped me from looking forward to what could be in store for the tri-state as winter sets in. As the old song says, "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!"


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