We can't stop the snow from falling, but at least we can put it to good use.

I know I'm in the minority here, but I don't mind a good snow. Personally, I prefer a good wet snow that can be packed and used for snowball fights or building a snowman. Wet snow is also more ideal for sledding if you ask me. Once it gets good and packed down, you can really get flying.

When I was growing up the go-to place for my brother, sister, and cousins was our grandparents house on the west side of town. Unfortunately that's no longer an option, although I guess I could just show up and give it shot until the people who live there now call the cops, but I won't chance it. This means my family and I have to find somewhere else to get our snow day adrenaline rush, so I took to Facebook to ask you where you prefer to do your sledding. Here's the places I've received so far:

Reitz Hill

Getting there might be a bit of an issue since it's sits on top of a hill in a neighborhood that doesn't get plowed, but if you can make it, it's worth the trip.

(Google Maps)

Helfrich Hills Golf Course

A little easier to get to since it sits at the (flat) intersection of St. Joe and Mesker Park Drive.

(Google Maps)

Newburgh Lock and Dam

Another one that is a little easier to get to as parking is at the bottom of the hill.

(Google Maps)

Stockings Hill - Rockport, Indiana

Truth be told, I'm not sure that I have the right photo here. All I was told was that it was on 4th Street which is broken up into two parts. This was the only hill I could find through Street View on Google Maps.

(Google Maps)

Henderson Country Club

Golf courses in general are a good place to start because there's at least one good sized hill somewhere on the course. It's just a matter of how much walking you want to do to find it.

(Google Maps)

Evansville Country Club

This is a "members only" club, so I'm not sure they want the general public showing up, but you won't know until you try, right?

(Google Maps)

Loge Elementary - Boonville, IN

You many have to park at the bottom and hoof it up the hill, but I imagine it would be worth the trip.

(Google Maps)

Rose Hill Cemetary - Mt. Carmel, Illinois

I don't live in Mt. Carmel, so maybe sledding through a cemetery is a common thing. It's hard to tell if there's actually any hills in the cemetery itself, but perhaps there are some surrounding it that may be more ideal.

(Google Maps)

15th and 16th Holes at Thunderbolt Pass

You're best bet to get there will be to take Senate Avenue off Petersburg Road and park somewhere on Weaver Road as the two holes are on the back corner of the course.

(Google Maps)

If there's somewhere in your neighborhood that needs to be added to the list, shoot me an e-mail, and if you can include an address, intersection, street name, or anything else that will help locate it on Google Maps, I'd appreciate it.