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It seems like most holidays are focused on candy. Whether it's Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, or Easter, candy sales are a primary part of the celebrations. For Easter, Skittles has come ups with an idea that is a little confusing to me. It’s camouflaged packaging.

Why is it confusing? Am I the only one that puts the Easter candy INSIDE of a plastic Easter egg to hide it? If I am, WOW. If I’m not, are you confused by why we needed candy that's inside of our plastic eggs to be hard to find? The candy is inside the plastic egg. right? Even the individual packages are on the INDISE of the plastic egg, right?

But yet, we now have individual Skittles packages with five designs that will help them blend into wherever you hide them? They come with an outer package of grass, tree bark, asphalt, kitchen tile and snow.


Here they are and they’re in stores now.


Maybe, it IS just me. Ever since I was a child and my parents hid our Easter eggs, we only searched for eggs not candy. We would decorate the real eggs and if the weather was nice on Easter, mom and dad would hide them in the yard for us to find. If the weather was bad they would hide them all over the house. The Easter egg hint involved the decorated eggs and the plastic, money and candy filled, eggs.

How do you do Easter? Do you throw candy around the yard and have your kids go hunt for it? Do you hide baskets filled with candy? Let me know, I’m curious. Email me, here.


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