Valentine's Day is quickly approaching, and if your budget is still recovering from CHRISTMAS, you might not have a lot of money to get an expensive gift, but there are a lot of simple and sweet gifts that don't cost very much and will still make her smile!

The first choice is and has always been FLOWERS - preferably ROSES! The bad parts is the closer you get to V-DAY the more expensive flowers get. So if you decide to buy flowers early, make sure its only a day or two at the most and you'll have to have somewhere cool to store them or they'll be all wilted by the time she gets them. Don't forget to get a box of candy to got with it.

If you're lady likes to where make-up, an easy gift is a refill of her favorite. Next time she's doing her make-up, take a sneak peek at the kind she uses and grab a quick refill.

A third simple and sweet gift are scented soaps and oil. Ladies love smelling good and feeling soft but make sure you grab a scent that she's either used before and something that she's hinted at buying.

These are just some easy ways to keep from spending Valentine's Day in the Dog House. If you have any other ideas for simple and inexpensive V-Day gifts, leave them in the comment box!

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