I'm ready for October!


We are less than a week away from October, the unanimous champion of all the months, as voted on people with great taste (or "basic" taste if you wanna be that person). However, we have to drudge through a few more days of September, the lamest of all the months.

September blows. It's boring and the season doesn't know what it wants to be. You get to wear a hoodie in the morning and then switch to a tank-top in the afternoon only you don't get to switch because the forecast said it'd be cool all day until September decided to pull some September BS and you aren't prepared. Enjoy sweating through everything for the duration of the day.

September represents everything going back to normal, whether it be kids going back to school or having the holiday that marks the end of summer, September wants to ensure your life goes back to the mundane existence you've come to expect. September is also repsonsible for Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends," which at best is a terrible song, and at best, an anthem for the most terrible month.

October is where everyone thrives. With chilly air and Halloween activities in abundance, October arrives like a drivers license to a 16 year old, ending the learning permit hell of September. October just has everything: atmosphere, the best holiday in existence, and festivals that exist solely to celebrate the season of Fall. And yes, while Fall does start in September, it doesn't hit its stride until October.

In conclusion, I'm ready for October to get here and free us from the prison of September. And if anyone who has a September birthday is upset at my dislike of your birthday month, I don't know, your parents should have done it a month later so you could have been born in October.

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