Everybody loves Mario Kart, especially Sean Kingston!


It's no secret I'm a HUGE fan of video games, and I'm definitely a CHAMP at Mario Kart.  It doesn't matter what system, I'll kick your butt from the Super Nintendo, to the Nintendo 64, to the Wii...  Even the new one on the 3DS, I'll own you.  Even YOU, Sean Kingston!!  While I'll give you respect for your AWESOME new Mario Kart tattoo, I refuse to believe you're better at the game than me.


So consider this an open challenge, Sean Kingston!  If you get this message, or if anyone reading this can relay it to Sean, I'm challenging you to a game of Mario Kart...  Anytime, any place, any system.


Check out Sean's new ink here from his twitter account, and leave me a comment as to who your favorite Mario Kart driver is!  Mine's Yoshi!



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