It's time to address this issue.


It never fails: We have hot tickets to give away and we get messages sharing a sad story on why that person needs those tickets. However, we sadly just can't give everyone who is experiencing a hardship free tickets.

This isn't because we are heartless or don't care, it's simply because we don't have enough to give everyone who reaches out. How do you decide which sad circumstance deserves tickets and which one doesn't? In the mind of the person reaching out, their circumstance is going to be the most deserving, but it gets tricky, especially if someone else were to find out.

Another reason we can't give them out is because we make deals with the promoters to give tickets away in a certain way. The people who graciously give his high-value tickets expect us to follow through with what we promise, whether that be through online or on-air giveaways, qualifying games, etc. Giving away tickets to just anyone is a disservice to the agreement that we've made with them.

The biggest issue we run into is that we can't verify any of the stories that we hear. Anyone can weave a story that makes them deserving of free stuff, but we simply can't verify these. It'd be a huge undertaking. For everyone true story, it's safe to say that there are 10 fake ones; Tales spun to get out of paying for tickets. We've heard everything from sick family members to having bad grades. We've heard from someone who has had the same "dying" family member for many years. In that case, it seems that person has a lot of life left in them and should probably focus on more than just seeing Roman Reigns at a WWE event.

We've had people send their kids up to us at events and ask for tickets. That puts us in the weird position of 1) Making the parent look like a jerk and 2) Upsetting a child. If we don't give out tickets for stuff like that, the goal is that people hopefully stop doing that.

At the end of the day, we are truly sorry for any hardship you are enduring, but we can't give you free tickets because of it. We encourage you to keep listening and try to win them like everyone else.

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