Awkward interview displays Brand's brilliance.

I'll be honest, I've made my fair share of jokes at the expense of Russell Brand on the air before.  Maybe it was because I didn't 'get' his comedy.  Maybe it was because he got to see Katy Perry naked.  Whatever my reasoning was, over the past year or two, I've found myself starting to warm up to him.  I find him to be much better in spontaneous situations like stand-up or being interviewed than I do when he's scripted or reading other people's material.


For some reason, the behavior of this MSNBC interviewer (in the blue dress) really bothered me.  I found her to be incredibly rude, ignorant, and just plain inept...  Without any good reason.  She was sitting down with an INVITED GUEST on her show, and treating him like he was plagued, despite Russell being nothing but sweet and charming.  Maybe you disagree, you can watch for yourself below.


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