In case you missed it (and it's never too late to celebrate) Friday was National Donut Day! 

Thanks to Donut Bank, KISS106 was able to surprise several lucky listeners with FOUR DOZEN DONUTS on National Donut Day!

We love when people tune in at work, and to show our appreciation we like to stop in and surprise those people from time to time. It just so happens that Friday was also National Donut Day, so we put two and two together and gave the ladies at Deaconess ENT the best surprise of all - DONUTS. They also scored some sweet KISS106 swag!


All we did was reach out on Facebook and asked who wants donuts. Of course, everyone's hand went up, but the ladies at Deaconess ENT banned together and really made an impression in the comments.

Do you listen at work via the KISS106 app? If so, let us know where and we might drop in and surprise you!


And speaking of Donunt Bank, we are broadcasting LIVE from the Donut Bank on Diamond Ave on Tuesday, June 11. Stop by and grab a KISS106 t-shirt and enter to WIN a trip to Panama City Beach!

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