We surprised the Cardiac ICU nurses at Deaconess Midtown Hospital for Nurses Appreciation Week. 

I've said it once and I'll say it again - nurses don't get enough credit. I've had a baby, which means I've witnessed first-hand just how special nurses are. Thank goodness there's an entire week dedication to show our appreciation for them (which is May 6-12, so if you haven't shown your favorite nurse some love, there's still time).

In celebration of Nurses Appreciation Week, we decided to stop by the Cardiac ICU at Deaconnes Midtown Hospital and show them a little love. We hooked them up with a super cool gift package that included some coupons, free food, and of course some exclusive KISS106 swag.


We were probably just as excited to give the nurses their stuff.


Heather Morel is also a nurse in the unit and she made sure to let us know how special her team was. And that's all it took! 


Which nurses should we show some love to next?


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