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Riverdale (The CW, 3 Seasons)

Riverdale is one of those shows that I heard everyone talking aobut but never gave it a shot. Recently, after hearing about how insane the first couple episodes of season 3 have been, I decided it was finally time check it out.

Riverdale is a re-imagining of the characters from the popular Archie comic books. Everyone has been updated to reflect the current styles and trends of the new millennium,

What I love about the show is just how hard it leans into what it is. It doesn't hold back o on anything. When people describe the show as "gritty" or "dark," they mean it. The often deals with sex, murder, affairs, and any other soap-opera trope you can think of. Riverdale does this with style, though; the kind of style that keeps you coming back for more.

Some parts of Riverdale are a little harder to suspend your disbelief on, like these are supposed to be high schoolers but they can leave campus whenever, etc. But even in those moments, you just tell yourself "LOL RIVERDALE," and keep watching.

If you need a show to check out and lose yourself in, Riverdale is where you should turn.

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