Last week, a South Carolina woman hopped into the wrong car thinking it was the ride sharing car she called and was killed. In December, a Seattle woman claimed she was raped by a man who she said claimed to be her UBER driver. So before you hop into that next Lyft, UBER, or even Taxi Cab, here are some tips to help keep you safe and make sure you make it to your destination!

First - When the driver pulls up, check the license plate on the car to make sure it's the right one! Although, some state don't require vehicle to have a front license plate, all cars are supposed to have a REAR one! Make sure it matches the one listed on your phone!

Second - Let the driver tell YOU their name. Don't ask the the driver if their name is "Joe"?! If the driver doesn't introduce themselves, simple ask them what their name is, ask to see some ID, and make sure it matches the name listed on your app!

Third - Let someone know where you're going! Simply letting someone know that you're waiting on a ride to take you to a specific destination, and if you don't call them to let them know you made it, to CALL THE POLICE! This greatly help police by giving them a place to start if ANYTHING happens to go wrong!

Following these three simple rule with help to ensure that you make it home safely!

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