I got to check out latest show in the Broadway in Evansville series!

RENT 20th Anniversary Tour
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RENT is my favorite musical of all-time. I remember seeing it advertised as coming to Evansville back when I was in the 6th grade. I really had no idea what it was, but I remember liking the theme song that was featured in the commercial for it. It wouldn't be until years later, with the release of the movie, that I would finally get to experience RENT. I know the movie wasn't well received by many, but I really enjoyed it.

Last night was my first time being able to see a live performance of the show (the DVD of the Broadway show doesn't count) and I was pleasantly surprised that the show was still the show I fell in love with. I was just really worried that somehow it wouldn't translate for Evansville or that I'd be too hung up on the different cast members but I truly walked away from the show saying "Yep, that was definitely RENT."

With that said, the show wasn't totally perfect. The mic inexplicably cut out during Mimi's performance of "Without You" which really took me out of the song. My other big issue was with the actors who played Roger and Mimi. Mimi seemed to over enunciate everything and Roger wasn't great. This isn't even comparing him to the original cast member, he just wasn't that dynamic or interesting. I found myself kind of bored during "One Song, Glory," which is one of my favorite songs in the entire show. That was disappointing.

Everything else though, was spot on. I really enjoyed the performance of the actor who played Mark and the actor playing Angel crushed it. The actor definitely earned the applause when the character appeared on-stage.

Overall, I walked away from my first performance of RENT feeling good about it. I would definitely see the show again and look forward to any other revivals or tours that might come through.

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