Reese Witherspoon in true southern fashion is giving back in this time of crisis across the world.  In an effort to show appreciation to America's teachers she is extending a very gracious offer from her clothing line.

Yesterday her company Draper James released a statement saying they will be giving teachers free dresses;

 "Dear Teachers: We want to say thank you. During quarantine, we see you working harder than ever to educate our children," a note from the company read.

"We've seen you broadcasting lessons from your homes, figuring out remote-learning techniques and new communication platforms on the fly, balancing work and life — all while continuing to educate and connect with our children. We know that this is not easy and want to shine a light on all your efforts."

"To show our gratitude, Draper James would like to give teachers a free dress," the company wrote in a social post.

Teachers are asked to upload a photo of their school ID to give the grade level and subject they teach as well as their school name and state. Of course, the offer is only available while they have dresses.  FREE DRESS LINK HERE

Angel here and let me tell you Draper James is amazing.  They have the most beautiful and well-made clothing.  Some of my favorite pieces in my closet are from this line.

Teachers well-deserved.

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