You were young once and you remember what it was like - you get to a point where you think you know everything, You certainly know more than the "old" people in your life, like your parents, teachers, or school principal. You're overly confident and feel invincible. You most likely learned a humbling lesson from some of those "old" people, too - a little reality check to bring you down to Earth. Some middle school students in Evansville, Indiana recently learned one of those valuable lessons, and it was captured on video.

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The boy's basketball team at Washington Middle School recently made a bet with their principal, Michele Branson-Bopp, saying that she couldn't make a free throw. What was at stake? If they lost, members of the team had to run down and back for each F they have on their current report card. I'm sure none of them thought they would be running that day.

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The team crowded around Mrs. B, clapping, cheering, and doing their best to distract her as she toed the free throw line. Their efforts were in vain. They totally underestimated this opponent. Wanna guess what happened?

Of course, she made the free throw, and the reaction from everyone involved put the biggest smile on my face. The kids were stunned. Some ran away screaming and waving their hands, while others fell to the ground in disbelief. The adults could not hold in their excitement - the man behind the camera simply yelling "YES!" over and over again. And what about Mrs. Branson-Bopp? She simply gave a high-five and strutted off the court, almost like she expected it to happen. Little did they know that their principal is no stranger to competition. Michele was/is an athlete, plain and simple. She played basketball and softball in high school - she was also a competitive swimmer and water skier. These boys didn't stand a chance.

No big deal...just being named Principal of the Year!
No big deal...just being named Principal of the Year!

Mrs. Branson-Bopp said that her "splashing on the boys' basketball team" has brought a lot of fun to the school. She also tells me that the boys are working hard on their grades because they know she's checking up on them.

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