Prepare to get your laugh on in Princeton!

Adam Phillips

This Saturday night at the Princeton Theatre and Community Center they will be hosting a comedy night featuring 4 great comedians! Headlining the event is national touring headliner Ryan Niemiller from Indianapolis. The show also features Evansville favorites, Rachael Goldman and Gavin Eddings. Yes, that second person is me. I'm on this show. rounding out the line-up is a guest set from Princeton native (and current Chicago resident) Justin Connor.

Here are the Bios for each comic:

Ryan Niemiller
Despite being born with a disability in both arms, Ryan Niemiller, the self-proclaimed "Cripple Threat of Comedy" shares his views of the world from the perspective of the handicapped.
Ryan began his comedy career in Los Angeles, California, and hasn't looked back since, performing in clubs and colleges across the country. Covering topics such as dating, trying to find employment, and attempting to find acceptance in a world not designed for him, Ryan tackles the issues in a way that makes you think while laughing the entire time.
With his quick wit, great timing, and a gimmick that only he can exploit, Ryan hopes to prove to the comedy world that he may be unarmed, but he is dangerous.

Gavin Eddings
Gavin Eddings was born and raised in the city of Evansville, IN. Gavin was brought up Mormon and was home schooled during high school. These qualities, along with being deeply rooted in geek culture, Gavin quickly realized the odds of being normal were stacked against him. Instead of fighting for normality, he began doing stand-up in the Fall of 2008. He has performed all across the Midwest including Louisville, KY, Cincinnati, OH, and various other places you would probably keep on driving through if on a road trip.
Gavin draws inspiration for his material through everyday experiences, although with a geek perspective. His material usually stays on the side of good taste but he also isn't afraid to push boundaries.
Gavin has opened for such comedy legends such as Bob Zany, Auggie Smith, and Nikki Glaser.

Rachael Goldman
It all started when a guy got Rachael drunk at a bar and convinced her to give it a try. It's exactly like how most of her relationships have started, except comedy has been far more rewarding.
Since she started performing stand-up comedy in 2014, Rachael has quickly established herself as a funny, talented performer. Biting yet upbeat, her entertaining rebuke of the “Midwestern nice” attitude has led her to work with such comedians as Bobcat Goldthwait, Gilbert Gottfried, Christina Pazsitzky, Rich Vos, Emo Philips, Jimmy Pardo and Bill Burr. Based out of southern Indiana, she regularly tours the Midwest and has performed at comedy clubs including The Caravan in Louisville, KY, Morty's in Indianapolis, IN, Crackers in Indianapolis, IN, Wiley's in Dayton, OH, Go Bananas in Cincinnati, OH and The Comedy Attic in Bloomington, IN. She has been selected to perform at Gilda's LaughFest, Crossroads Comedy Festival, Limestone Comedy Festival, the Boston Comedy Festival and has been featured on the nationally syndicated radio show Bob & Tom.

This show is going to be a lot of fun. Tickets are just $15 and can be purchased here. The show begins at 8pm and karaoke will take place after the show!

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