Friendships are being lost, families are not speaking to each other, and people are being UNFOLLOWED after arguments over who has the best chicken sandwich, Chick-fil-a or Popeyes! They say never talk religion or politics with friends you wanna keep, now I guess chicken sandwiches fall into that category as well.

Taco Bell really doesn't have anything to worry about when it comes to Burger King's new taco, but Chick-fil-a might have some competition now with Popeye's. Even though McDonald's, Wendy's AND Burger King all sell chicken sandwiches of various kinds, Chick's main focus seems to be on Popeye's new sandwich the way Trump is on Joe Biden.

I personally have always been partial to Popeye's over Chick-fil-a so I don't know if my bias is getting in the way. So cast your vote on who has the best sandwich between Chick-fil-a and Popeye's and I'll ready the results during the show!

Who Has the Better Chicken Sandwich?

Burger King
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