Having or attending a birthday party at Walther's Golf & Fun is awesome for a number of different reasons. It's so awesome that we know you'll want to play 'Appy' Gilmore for a chance to win your own party package.

First thing you need to do, in order to play, is make sure you have the KISS 106 app. Don't have it yet? HERE YOU GO. Already got it? Sweet! The next step is make sure you have your notifications turned on. Each weekday at 9am we will send you a notification that links back to a registration form. All you'll need to do is follow the link, give us your contact info and tell us your favorite line from the classic Adam Sandler golf flick Happy Gilmore.

There are so many great lines in that movie to choose from, this should be no problem at all! We will randomly select a winner who will receive a FREE Pearl Package from Walther's Golf & Fun, good for up to 8 people.

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