The Owner of Pangea's Kitchen on Evansville's Eastside has plans to open a new restaurant that will bring flavors and dishes like never seen in Evansville before! There will be a bakery, a ramen bar, and a Roman-style pizza kitchen!

In an interview with the Courier and Press, Randy Hobson, Owner of Pangea's Kitchen,  says the bakery section "is going to concentrate on global baking ... There will be sweets, bread, breakfast sandwiches and breakfast empanadas, a lot of Asian baking. The Japanese are doing very cool stuff with laminated dough. Chef Wanphen will be creating some infused drinks and teas.”

The second part of the restaurant will serve authentic, Japanese Ramen dishes and other Asian "street food", mostly made with pork, noodles, and various other toppings combined with spices. A lot of these dishes tend to be on the spicy side and are not for those with weak constitutions!

The third section with be a Roman Style pizzeria using the baking style of the open-air street pizzerias found all over Italy. Toppings will include, sausage and broccoli, porcini mushroom, potato, sausage and tomato; prosciutto and arugula, even shrimp and lettuce.

Hobson also wants to make a way for aspiring chefs to get started cooking by "creating a scholarship for a culinary student based on need and aptitude so they can get a good education,” Hopson told the Press. “We’ll be looking for a person with a passion for global cuisine. The mission is to keep talent in Evansville and build a food culture that will make young people want to stay here or come here from other places and bring innovation. We want to bring more emerging foods from around the world and create a culture that will help Evansville grow.”

The new restaurant will be located at Northwest Second and Ingle Streets in Downtown Evansville.

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