Owensboro is known for loving its' community well.  The Overflow Cafe located inside Don Moore 54 is the epitome of Community Service and this week they celebrate 10 years.

Angel here and I had the pleasure of hanging out at the Overflow with Susan the manager on Thursday to commemorate a big milestone.  Ten years of coffee, conversation, smoothies, smiles, food, and fellowship.

If you have never had the opportunity to visit you're missing out.  Honestly, I love all they serve but I don't go in there for that.  I love the mission and the atmosphere.  It feels like home.

Their mission is to give back.  Since they opened in 2011, they have given over $100,000 to local non-profits in our community specifically the homeless community.

That's $10,000 a year to three different shelters including;  Pitino, St. Benedict's, and Boulware.  The reason it is named Overflow is simply that the Moore family wanted others to know just how very blessed their family has been.

It has never been about the money.  Helping others is so important to the mission of the cafe.  During the celebration, they gave away free cupcakes and cups of coffee.

Susan told me she has loved getting to work with the different individuals who have work for the cafe.  She said a lot of students have worked with her and they always teach something she keeps after they have gone.

I love that a lot of the food is old family recipes and the brown leather lounge chairs in the back right corner will suck you in and make you never want to leave.

Happy Anniversary Overflow Cafe!  Thank you for giving back to Owensboro.


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