Often during the holidays, there's an influx of people wanting to volunteer and in the local shelters.  This 2020 Holiday Season, try to think outside the box when you decide to help.  We have a list of ways you can serve.

COVID-19 has thrown many shelters for a loop when it comes to volunteers and serving.  Serving the residents in the shelters does not mean you have to be present on-site to do that.  All the shelters have a great need for different items throughout the year not just at Thanksgiving and Christmastime.

These shelters are open all year long and can use your help in other months as well.

Here are the lists of items needed for each shelter;

* Sandwich bread loaves - we have a great need for this since we
serve over 100 lunches every day
* Brown or white paper lunch sacks
* Fresh and unopened food items
* Cleaning Supplies
* Clorox wipes
* Disinfectant Spray
* Brillo Pads
* Napkins and Paper Towels
* New or gently used, clean bath towels and washcloths
* New or gently used, clean blankets
* New and unopened hygiene products, such as shampoo, soap,
body wash, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.
* Diapers

ST. BENEDICT'S HOMELESS SHELTER& WOMEN'S DAY SHELTER-1001 WEST 7TH STREET (270-541-1003) St. Benedict's has an Amazon Wishlist which makes it super easy for you to get on there and have the items delivered right to the shelter door.  It keeps everyone safe and you get to help.  Harry Pedigo, Executive Director, for the shelter said they are allowing some volunteers to return as well as Meal Teams.  If you would like to volunteer give him a call.

OASIS DOMESTIC ABUSE SHELTER-(270-685-0260)- They are a shelter that houses men, women, and children who have been victims of domestic abuse.  Just like St. Benedict's they have an Amazon Wish List you can view and send items to the shelter.  Their address is anonymous to protect the residents.  Please give them a call if you are interested in helping in other ways.

FRIENDS OF SINNERS-320 CLAY STREET (270-689-9174) -Christ-Centered Recovery Program with men's and women's residential houses.


BOULWARE MISSION-609 WING AVENUE(270 683-8267) Boulware is a faith-based program helping displaced individuals become self-sufficient.  Donate to Boulware here.

ST. JOSEPH PEACE MISSION-1328 WEST THIRD STREET (270 683-9441)- home for at-risk, abused neglected children from ages birth to 18 years.  They provide a safe and nurturing environment.

​New Twin-Size Bedding/Sheets/Comforters
Plastic-Wrapped Mattresses (Twin Size)
Lamps (Tabletop, Standing)
Batteries (AA, AAA)

​​Kitchen and Laundry​
New Air Fryers and Large Pans
Non-Perishable Snack and food items
Utensils and Garbage bag liners
Laundry detergent & dryer sheets

​​Bathroom Accessories
​Liquid Soap/Hygiene Products (Men's & Women's)
Bath Towels & Wash Cloths
Hair Products for Women (Brushes, Bands, etc.)
Manicure & Pedicure Products (Polish, Files, etc.)

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