This is not your run-of-the-(tread)mill treadmill.

Introducing the Infinadeck, a treadmill that people can walk on in any direction simply by moving their bodies.

Invented by a man named George Burger, the machine was initially unveiled in 2014, but a newer model was shown to the public at last week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. There's also the hope it can be used for virtual reality games, which could take it past the obvious benefit of traditional cardio workouts.

The Infinadeck reacts to the user’s movement, including their speed and direction, to keep them safely in the center of the deck. This, when coupled with a virtual reality headset, allows for limitless locomotion in a virtual world.

The Infinadeck weights 500 pounds and is about as loud as a dishwasher. Users can go up to six miles per hour on it.

There's no word on how much the contraption will cost or when it may go on the market.

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