It's been nearly a week since the last of the heavy rain left the Tri-State, but as that rain moved east, it continued to dump several inches of rain into the Ohio River which carried it back through the Tri-State on its way to the Mississippi River leaving many places along the Newburgh riverfront under water.

My family and I moved to Newburgh over the summer, and fortunately our house is closer to Highway 66 than it is to the river so we don't have to worry about flooding from rising river levels, but there are many residents who do, so I decided to take a stroll along the Newburgh riverfront just to see how high the water was.

Fortunately, the water is expected to begin receding soon despite more rain in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday, and again in the early part of next week. But until then, remember not to tempt fate and drive on roads that are underwater. If there's a road closed sign, it's there for a good reason.

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