Everyone's favorite serial killer is still gone.


Once again, the rumor mill is strong with a "new" Dexter season 9 poster going viral. If you've been on Facebook or Twitter, you've likely seen this:

If that poster got your heart all excited, I assume a few things. The first I assume is that you forgot just how terrible the last few seasons of the show were. And the second I assume is that you are an incredibly gullible person.

No, Dexter is not coming back for a 9th season. For one, there would have been a huge announcement about it on every comic, tv, and movie website (with a poster that wasn't fan-made). There would also be an official press release from Showtime, Netflix, etc.

A quick Google search shows that none of those things exist. So yeah, for now, it appears that Dexter is just as dead as many of his victims.

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