Most of the time I get on Facebook, it's usually a barrage of angry posts, pet pics, and friend requests from people I've NEVER heard of. But something good has FINALLY come from FB ... reuniting with my two remaining older brothers after almost 20 YEARS!

After my mom passed in 1999, my siblings and I all took it real hard and I in classic family fashion, we each went back to our respective 'corners' scattered around the country to mourn in our own ways, and eventually lost touch. After a few years, I tried reaching back out, after moving around and changing numbers I had not idea where any of them were.

With me being the youngest by almost 10 years, I figured they wouldn't be the social media types, but I kept leaving digital 'breadcrumbs' just in case one of them decided to join the digital age and buy a SMARTPHONE!

Well, this FRIDAY, all my crumb-dropping paid off when my brother Victor sent me a friend request on FACEBOOK! At 53 years old, it's a miracle in itself that he even knew what FB was! But once I saw that request, it was like a prayer was answered and weight was lifted of my heart!

After a LOOONNNNG and tear-filled conversation with both of them, we promised to stay in touch this time and are planning a mini-reunion real soon. All Thanks to Facebook. Thank you FB, you finally served a good purpose. Have you been reunited with a long-lost someone through social media? Leave your story in the comment box.

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