If you haven't heard Nina Nesbitt yet, you're in for a treat. The talented singer-songwriter from Edinburgh, Scotland, has toured with Ed Sheeran and Example (she was even featured in Ed's 'Drunk' music video), and she recently visited New York to promote the Stateside release of her 'Nina Nesbitt' EP. While she was in town, PopCrush had the opportunity to meet her at her record label's office for an interview and acoustic performance session. In the video above, you can watch her perform a stripped down version of her song 'Stay Out.'

"The story behind 'Stay Out' is basically just a typical night out in Scotland or the UK, going out with your friends," Nina tells PopCrush. "I'm not really like a very extroverted person unless I've had a few drinks, so I tend to just kind of sit and watch people for a while, and I just find it fascinating seeing all the different characters and people ... and try to figure out their stories."

'Stay Out' has clever lyrics like "He's got a Rolling Stones tee, but he only knows one song; they think they're from the '60s, but they were born in 1991," but it's also got a super catchy chorus -- so it's no surprise that it's become her most popular song to date!

Enjoy Nina's 'Stay Out' performance in the video above, and check back in with PopCrush to see more videos from our visit with her, which are coming soon.

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