A wise woman once said: "Keep on dancin' till the world ends."

Ever since she became the American Dream at 17, the Legendary Miss Britney Spears has established herself as the undisputed Princess of Pop with her expansive discography of certified pop smashes, an arsenal of iconic music videos, an endearingly goofy personality and, of course, her highly choreographed live routines.

From breaking it down to "...Baby One More Time" all the way back at her first awards shows in 1999 to her infamous, snake-charming "I'm A Slave 4 U" routine at the MTV Video Music Awards to trashing on the ground to "Toxic" during her career retrospective at this year's 2016 Billboard Music Awards, B-Girl has been hip-grinding, hair-flipping and leg-splitting for our entertainment for nearly two decades now.

Even through several knee injuries and personal drama, Britney's proven that she truly is stronger than yesterday. B-Girl ain't lost the beat, indeed.

Before she makes us oooh this summer, check out a compilation of her best live dance breaks up top. Got even more performances to add? Let us know in the comments — we've been known to do a sequel or two.

Britney Kicks Off Remixed, Reimagined and Still Iconic Piece Of Me Residency:

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