Adele's been spending a lot of time in Rockefeller Center this past couple of weeks — she was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and last night (November 23) she stopped by The Tonight Show for a song and a game.

The singer, who is perched to shatter NSYNC's first-week album sales record, sang "Water Under the Bridge," one of 25's more upbeat numbers. "Every song is fantastic," Jimmy Fallon said of the album in his introduction, while Kelly Ripa sat next to him looking excited to be a guest on the same night as Adele (as a morning show host Ripa can probably make herself appear psyched in a DMV line, but it seemed pretty genuine).

Adele rarely sounds anything less than perfect live, and this performance is no exception — watch it above. Jimmy and Adele also played a round of "Box of Lies," which was a great chance to see the adorably giddy side of a singer better known for weighty ballads that make you cry. She seems to be just about everywhere these days, but lest you fear she's getting overexposed, let this this clip assure you that her company remains a delight.

"I have been waiting my whole life to do this — it was either this or the lip sync battle," Adele quips.

"Well there's always next time," Jimmy replies (PROMISE?).

Watch the clip below to see Adele and Jimmy tell each other often unsuccessful lies — and if you need more live Adele performances in your life, check out clips from her recent Radio City Music Hall show right here.

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