Maureen Hancock brought her Postcards From Heaven Tour to the Aiken Theater inside the Old National Events Plaza last Friday night, and spoke with several audience members about loved ones no longer with them. Including one lady who had lost both her husband and her son.

People like Maureen certainly are aware of the skepticism around them, and I count myself as one of those skeptics. However, I was in attendance during the show serving as a microphone runner to audience members looking to reconnect, and I watched Maureen say things to people, with little to no information from them about the deceased, that she shouldn't have known.

Did her show change my mind at all? Not really. Or not yet, anyway. But it did make me question whether or not there is something to her claims that she can speak with the dead. Chances are, if you don't believe there could be alien life somewhere other than here in the vast cosmos, you probably won't believe Maureen, and people like her, have some sort of sixth sense that allows them to connect with people that no longer walk the Earth.

With that said, I encourage you to watch the video above with an open mind, and maybe, just maybe, you might be willing to believe as well.

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