While a few shows have already begun their Fall 2013 run (namely my personal favorite, Sons of Anarchy on FX), the majority of new and returning shows will begin their runs the over the next two weeks. Two of which will definitely find a home on my DVR, Andy Samberg's cop comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Sleepy Hollow, the modern day take on the classic spooky story.

Since leaving Saturday Night Live after an eight year run to appear in films such as Grown Ups 2, The To-Do List, and the upcoming sequel, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, Andy Samberg returns to television with half-hour sitcom revolving around a police precinct filled with quirky characters taking on the daily task of bringing down bad guys to keep the city safe.

Samberg plays Detective Jake Peralta, the precinct's smart aleck detective who enjoys goofing off about as much as he enjoys taking down the aforementioned bad guys. His world gets shaken up a bit when a new captain assigned to run the precinct (played by Andre Braugher), demands a higher level of professionalism from everyone, especially Peralta, creating the classic straight-man / goofball dynamic necessary for good comedy.

While the premise has been done over and over and over again, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a funny show. If you enjoy Samberg's goofy, almost nerdy brand of comedy, you'll more than likely enjoy this show. I'll definitely make a point to tune in each week.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Tuesday's at 7:30pm on FOX 44 beginning September 17th.


Having seen the previews for Sleepy Hollow, I wasn't 100% sure that it would be something I would be into as I'm not a fan of horror, whether it's on TV or in the movie theaters. To my surprise, Hollow isn't necessarily a horror series. Although the entire premise revolves around the return of a headless horseman to the quiet town of Sleepy Hollow, who literally kills people by chopping their heads clean off their body, the violence isn't gratuitous or gory, not in the pilot episode anyway. While there is some blood, the actual decapitations are not shown.

This adaptation finds both the infamous horseman and the man assigned to end his reign of terror, Ichabod Crane (played by English actor, Tom Mison), thrust into the modern day world after being awakened from a 250 year slumber. As we learn through the course of the pilot, it was Crane who was responsible for taking the head of the horseman in a battle during the revolutionary war.

Where I was pleasantly surprised with Hollow and what hooked me into wanting to see where the story goes from here, was the supernatural element to it. As the trailer below alludes to, the horseman is none other than Death itself, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse referenced in the Bible, who has returned to continue his mission.

It's an intriguing take on the classic good versus evil story that will have me tuning in each week to see what happens next.

Sleepy Hollow airs Monday nights at 8pm Central on FOX 44 starting September 16th.

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