Game of Thrones isn’t the type to lend itself to wide conspiracies in the same manner as Westworld, but that hasn’t stopped more than a few persistent possibilities turning the rumor mill. Season 6 in particular saw one uncomfortable rumor dogging Sansa, one it seems Season 7 is putting to rest well-ahead of schedule.

You’re warned of Game of Thrones spoilers through Seasons 6 and 7 from here on out, but whether the cruelty of Ramsay Bolton or the wrinkles of a dress, Sansa Stark has consistently proven the target of pregnancy speculation through Season 6. Even with Ramsay Bolton’s demise, his final “I’m part of you now” taunt kicked off speculation anew, to the point even Sophie Turner stepped in to clarify the line’s figurative meaning.

The Season 6 finale only offered slight clues as to what might make up Sansa’s next arc in Season 7, but thanks to the reliable Watchers on the Wall (beware of spoilers at that link), we know it won’t be another round of speculation:

Last of all, I am enormously happy to report that Watchers on the Wall can put a certain “theory” to bed. If any in our readership believed a certain insistent rumor, the following may be a relief to hear: Sansa will NOT be (or get) pregnant in season seven.

If anything, Season 7 will more likely spotlight Sansa in an uneasy relationship with newly-crowned “King in the North” Jon, even sparking a bit of jealousy for her half-brother (secretly cousin) gaining credit for her “Battle of the Bastards” victory. Littlefinger will also be on hand to provide the creep factor, so we needn’t any unplanned pregnancy to complicate that.

We’ll find out when Game of Thrones returns for Season 7 in summer 2017 (or perhaps when WotW spoils it all), but either way, stay tuned for the latest on Sansa’s future.

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