Do you find yourself asking, what should we do this weekend? 

Now, you don't have to ask anyone! A new app has been created right here in Evansville, IN. The app, W2DO, showcases events, directions, calendar, etc. for an easier way to navigate "what to do" in Evansville!

Millennial start up, Entrepreneur Mobile Technologies, LLC, is a cross functional team that came together and developed the app. They spent many long nights working on the app to launch it today. The app development started about a year ago and the team is so happy to see it launch!

Photo: Kendra
Photo: Kendra

According to the city-county observer,  “W2DO app allows any organization to gain exposure in the Evansville community through an innovative platform. For the end user, it offers an easy and free way to discover events that are happening now, in the future, or across various categories. It’s really a one stop shop for finding something to do in Evansville,” noted Co-founder Delisa Payne.

You can download the app now on your iPhone or android!

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