The pandemic made me best friends with streaming services. Right before the world went into quarantine, we had cut the cord on our satellite and cable services. It didn't take us long to figure out that our TV would be a life and sanity saver.

I  found myself watching more television than I ever had in my life. Through Netflix, alone, I discovered movies and shows that I didn't even know existed. Being a movie buff and a TV lover from way back in the three-channel days, I was in heaven. I couldn't help but think about how lucky we were to be able to have so much entertainment at our fingertips.

I honestly felt like that, even though the world was turned upside down, these might just be the best of times. Even though we were isolated from the rest of the world, we connected and shared our thoughts about the movies and shows we were watching on social media. Ridiculous shows like The Tiger King held us in its grasp as we watched the train wreck happen right before our eyes. It was crazy, but we still watched it and everything else we could binge into a twenty-four-hour day.

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It was then that I learned that sometimes the shows I loved from the past and the new ones I became obsessed with, didn't stay on Netflix forever. But, recently I learned that they are just hidden and require a secret code to unlock them and now I want to share them with you.

To use the code, visit each genre’s page and input the four-digit code into your web browser after this address:

Access Hidden Shows and Movies On Netflix With These Codes

Click HERE for more secret Netflix codes.

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