The youngest Wayons' Brother makes his Netlix ORIGINAL debut with his new stand-up special - WOKE-ish! In it, Marlon talks about growing up as the youngest of 10 children in Brooklyn, NY, working with his brothers and sister in showbiz, and now being 45-year-old father of teenagers!

Marlon was very rarely seen on 'In Living Color' but he did become a star with his brother Shawn on the hit TV show 'The Wayans Bros.' and in the very popular movie 'White Chicks'.

Marlon maintains what he likes to call an "Young, Old-guy lifestyle" buy keeping up with MOST of the latest fashions and music but still has a hard time keeping up with the changing attitudes and moods of his daughters. He doesn't get too much into political issues, but does take a couple jabs at Donald Trump just to keep it interesting.

Not all comedic actors make good STAND-Up comic but Marlon make the transition very well. So grab your popcorn, turn your phone on silent and sit back and enjoy.


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