You're part of enjoying an ice cold can or pint of beer from Tin Man Brewery on Evansville's west side is simple, pop the top, pull it up to your mouth, and drink. What it takes to get that liquid gold into that can or glass is a bit more complicated.

If you know anything about brewing beer, you know it's not simply throwing some ingredients into a pot and letting them ferment. It's a process, and for those who do it well, it's an art form. One that requires a large room full of massive holding tanks, each with it's own job in the brewing process.

Tin Man's process involves using a mash filter, making it the third brewery in the United States to do so, and the largest of those three. Without giving it all away, the beer begins as milled grain which is mashed to turn the starches in the grain to sugars which yeast will transform into alcohol later in the process.

There's way more to it than that obviously, and you can see the entire process up close during the weekly Tin Man brew tours. Taking place every hour from 2-5pm on Saturday's, the free tour gives customers an first-hand look at the extensive process Tin Man takes to make their four delicious brews.

Visit their website for more information on the brewing process, and everything else going on in the world of Tin Man.

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