In the world of beauty pageants, where grace, talent, and poise take center stage, a group of extraordinary young women captivate the hearts and minds of both judges and audiences.

Back in September, young women from all over Indiana traveled to Indianapolis to compete for the title of 2023 National Miss Junior Teen Indiana. Junior Miss Teen Pageants are more than just glamorous contests; they are platforms for young women to showcase their talents, intelligence, and commitment to making a positive impact in their communities.

Among these shining stars was Lauren Paige Johnston, a young lady from Newburgh who represented the tri-state area.

Paige is no stranger to the pageant world. She's been competing since she was 13. She started her pageant journey at the National American Miss Indiana state pageant in 2021. Since then, she has taken home the title of Miss River City Teen USA and now, most recently the National American Miss Indiana Jr. Teen.

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Johnston Family
Johnston Family

I caught up with Paige and talked with her a little bit about the pageant.

Walk me through the NAM pageant you just competed in. 

National American Miss is a pageant system that promotes “today's girl.” A NAM titleholder is kind, authentic, caring, and, most importantly a leader! National American Miss, does not have a required talent portion of the competition but they do have Evening gown, Community Service, an On-stage Personal Introduction, Interview, and so many fun optional competitions!

What did it feel like when you won? Were you surprised?

Excited, was definitely an understatement! I had been preparing and working to receive this title for so long, and when i was finally crowned at my last year of eligibility in the Jr. Teenage Division, it felt like all of my hard work had finally paid off!

Johnston Family
Johnston Family

I see you are competing in Nationals in November. Are you nervous or excited?

Planning on going to Disney when you are in Orlando? I am so excited to compete at nationals! I feel like from the moment I entered my very first pageant, I have been preparing for this moment, and I am ready to start my job as a National title holder now!

Do you get to spend some time at Disney while you are there?

I am, going to Disney World! I feel so privileged to spend our free day during nationals week at Disney World with all of my sister queens!



What do you want to do with this title?

A National Title-Holder is an amazing privilege, as I would get to be a representative for the organization, out of fifty girls all across the country, and spread my message of inclusion and authenticity through my ministry-based non-profit, The Defined Project! I also hope to be a role model to young women in my community and all across the country who have a similar story to mine!

What's in the future - will you continue to compete?

Absolutely! I have truly found a home as well as a sisterhood at National American Miss, and I plan to compete at every age of eligibility!

Paige Johnston has stolen the spotlight and left her mark on the pageant world and I can't wait to see what incredible things she'll do next. If you'd like to book Paige for an appearance, contact her mom at

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