If you've got $2.75 million laying around, you could purchase the most expensive home in the Tri-state.

Morganfield Horse Farm

Remember when I wrote about home in Evansville that would be perfect for the Obama family after they left the White House? The most expensive house on that list weighed in at an impressive $1,375,000, according to Zillow. When I put that list together, I only looked at Evansville listings. I've been thinking ever since about whether or not it was the most expensive home in the area since I didn't include Newburgh in my original search. This time I expanded the search to cover the entire Tri-state area including parts of Illinois and Kentucky. What I found eclipses all of the homes on that Obama list. Take a look at what $2.75 million will buy you in Morganfield, Kentucky.

1385 State Route 56 E,Morganfield, KY

Here's a spoiler: It's a horse farm and it sits on 120 beautiful acres described as "...green rolling fields lined with miles of white fences." The main home itself is over 6,000 square feet featuring 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Note that that is the main home - there are also two 2-bedroom apartments and 3 homes across the street used to house staff for the farm. As for the farm, it has everything needed to breed and raise horses. There is even an on-site lab. Here are a couple of photos from the listing on Zillow. If you've got a cool $2.75 million laying around, this could be the perfect investment.

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