It wouldn't be Evansville Watch if there weren't naked men. 

In case you missed it, this weeks edition of It Came From Evansville watch didn't disappoint. And yes, you guess it, there's another instance of a naked man doing things naked men shouldn't be doing.

Take a look at the most exciting things that came across the scanner this week:


Customer Trouble. Taco Bell- 1001 N. GR. The customer received the wrong order-management refuses to replace or refund. The customer is now irate.

Check Welfare. Hucks-N. Fares. Male states he is chasing "shadow people" per caller.

Property Damage Accident- E Mill Rd & N Kentucky Ave. METS city bus versus a USPS mail vehicle.

BOL- Failure to pay- Thornton’s 2401 E Morgan Ave. Female driving a Gold Malibu. EB Morgan from Boeke. Female is wearing a bonnet on her head. Female pumped $39 in gas and left.

400 Block of Glenmoor Road. Someone rang the doorbell, and the owner looked out, and someone had crashed into his brick mailbox. He then watched the driver get into a white car and leave the area.

Possible Intoxicated Driver. NB GreenRiver from High Spirits Liquor(3000 N. GR)Gray Dodge van- driving recklessly and keeps stopping to switch drivers.

6000 block-Rockford Dr. Caller states that people keep shining lights into his residence. He also has a laundry list of other complaints. 3rd call in a day and a half.

And, for the grand finale...

E. Virginia St. Caller states that a male is walking around the building-creeping customers out. He is now naked by the dumpster. Earlier call the same male was rubbing his genitals on cars.

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