A lot of things are different in the Midwest versus other parts of the world. Maddie was born and raised right here in Evansville, Indiana, but The Rob grew up in Philly. This has lead to some interesting dialogue and leaves us with one question: Who's saying things the right way?

For example: is it a "glove compartment" or a "glove box"? The Rob says it's a glove compartment, but Maddie calls it a glove box. Who's right?

Let's look into some more disagreements.

Tennis shoes vs Sneakers: Midwesterners call them tennis shoes, for the most part, but Rob viciously demands they be called "sneakers."

Coke vs Soft Drink/Pop/Soda: EVERYTHING IS A COKE, if you ask Maddie. However, Rob calls them sodas. At least they both agree that "pop" is the wrong answer.

Hair things vs Hair ties/Elastics: Maddie calls them hair things, but Rob refers to them as hair ties. At least neither of them call them "elastics," because then they'd really be wrong.

Clicker vs Remote: Maddie and Rob both agree that it's called a remote, but most Midwesterners refer to it as a "clicker." There are even some animals out there they call it a "channel changer" and that's just too much.

Crawdad vs Crawfish: In these parts of the woods, we call them crawdads, but people from other parts of the country refer to them as crawfish.

Grocery sack vs Grocery bag: In the Midwest, we pack in our "sacks" of groceries, but where Rob's from, they're called grocery bags.

Shopping cart vs Buggy: It can be called a shopping cart or just a cart, but either way it's most certainly not a buggy, which is what some people call it. I thought a buggy had horses attached?

What are some more examples of things Midwesterners might be saying different than other people across the country? Let us know!

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