-by Jackie McCarthy

A wrong turn in Kentucky led us to a winery?  Yes, that's correct, winery, not moonshine...  My mother, sister and I were driving from Danville and a GPS malfunction, (of course), took us down a narrow country road in Bardstown, KY, on a beautiful, sunny day. We passed a sign, McIntyre Winery.  Since that is my mom's maiden name and her dad actually used to make his own wine, we had to check it out!

We arrived to a quaint building with a welcoming porch. People were enjoying the atmosphere on the porch as they sipped wine from glasses with the winery name etched on each one. We were surprised to learn as we entered that a private party was going on!  We were party crashers!  No matter to these people, they greeted us like invited guests.

The McIntyre's started a wine tasting for us right away.  Blueberry and blackberry are their specialties and they can be ordered online if we desired them in the future.  There were various fruit wines to taste and we were new to this experience.  The party hosts insisted that we fix plates from the spread of food they were serving. We tasted and went through family lineage to see if we are relatives.

There may be no blood connection, we still aren't sure, but I believe we are connected by Blueberry Table Wine and that works for me!  For more about McIntyre Winery visit their website www.mcintyreswinery.com.