Tomorrow night marks what has been coined as the biggest fight in history as boxing champion Floyd Mayweather faces off against MMA champion Conor McGregor. I'm not a huge MMA or boxing fan, but any time a fight involves either one of the two, I'll be sure to tune in.

Now, given my inexperience with the whole professional fighting thing, I'll admit beforehand that my opinion isn't backed with expertise knowledge. However, I think I have some pretty valid points on why Maywether or McGregor could walk away with tomorrow's victory.

OK, I'll say it, I think McGregor has a pretty good chance here. I'll tell you why:

First, he's mean. He's vicious. He's a better trash-talker (if anything) than Mayweather. McGregor is vocal and that makes him come across as more of the tough guy in this situation. That doesn't necessarily mean he will win this fight, but he's not being shy about what he thinks he's capable of. Mayweather is much more relaxed and cocky, which steers me away from being on his side here.

Second, he's younger. He's spent less time out of the ring than Mayweather. While he might have some L's on his record, he's still new to this and his youthfulness gives him a leg up here.

Thirdly, his athletic ability his different than Mayweather's. He's used to being pinned, contorted, and put in near impossible situations. To me, this means he's prepared for what's coming and knows how to get out of tough spots. I know there isn't going to be any pinning or mounting in this fight, but I feel like McGregor is quick to dodge blows from all angles.

Now, I know this is a boxing match and McGregor is MMA, but I'm not totally going to X the guy off just because his skill set is different. I really think he's got a chance here. I don't think it'll be a total blowout like some people do. Obviously, Mayweather is the real pro and has the advantage in this situation, but I want to give Conor some props because he's also good at gettin' down and dirty in the ring. Regardless, the real winner here will be Mayweather, being that he's walking away with a projected $200 million.

I want to know what you think! What's your predictions on the fight?

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