A group of soon-to-be college graduates from Tulane University got the commencement speech of a lifetime when Maya Rudolph decided to sing the national anthem to them -- as Beyonce. That's like two powerhouse entertainers in one, sort of, and it almost makes us want to go back to school. But just almost.

One of our favorite things about Maya Rudolph is her Beyonce impersonation. There are so many Beyonce song titles we could use to describe how spot-on her wind machine and vocal runs are, but we're going to settle on "Flawless," because you probably already went there by the time you got to the middle of this sentence, anyway.

She begins by saying, "Since we are in the Superdome, would you mind rising more time for the national anthem?” And then she launches right into Queen Bey mode, eventually inserting a bunch of lyrics from Beyonce songs into the national anthem as she sings. We're not about to go as far as saying Rudolph does Beyonce better than Beyonce does herself, because those are dangerous -- as well as patently untrue -- words, but the parody does its job.

If you're new to Rudolph's Beyonce impression, fear not, the Internet is always here to help and only sometimes here to hurt. She joined Martin Short onstage during the Saturday Night Live: 40th Anniversary Special as Beyonce, which you can check out on YouTube.

You can watch Maya Rudolph singing the national anthem as Beyonce in the video above.

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