Some of us were blessed with incredible vocal prowess, able to hit notes with pitch-perfect precision. I am not one of those people.

Of course, that has never stopped me from singing. It brings me joy to belt out my favorite songs - in the car, in the shower, while doing the dishes, or cleaning the house, and even occasionally you might find me on a stage with a microphone in my hand singing some karaoke.

No matter how much I love to sing though, I am definitely not at the level of talent that would be required to sing our National Anthem before a sporting event, but you might be!

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Singers Wanted

If you are vocally inclined and are interested, the Evansville Otters are currently looking for talented performers to sing the National Anthem for their home games at historic Bosse Field for the upcoming season.

In a post to Facebook, the Evansville Otters say,

We're looking for National Anthem singers for the upcoming season!
To apply, please submit a video of you singing the National Anthem to along with your name and age.


Submit an Audition

If you are interested in singing the National Anthem for the Evansville Otters, send a video of you singing the Star Spangled Banner to and be sure that you include your name and age.

Alex Morgan Imaging
Alex Morgan Imaging

Other Otters Happenings

In January, the Evansville Otters opened up applications for Host Families for the players for the 2022 season which officially begins on May 13, 2022, although there are a handful of exhibition games prior to the official start of the season. See the full schedule here.

Otter Pups

The Evansville Otters have an exclusive kid's club - the Otter Pups! Being an Otter Pup comes with a lot of perks like a ticket to every Sunday game, food vouchers, a logoed ball, an Otter Pup t-shirt, and more. Learn more about becoming an Otter Pup here.

Alex Morgan Imaging
Alex Morgan Imaging

Otter Belle Tryouts

The Evansville Otters are holding tryouts for the Otter Belles on Saturday, April 2, 2022, and you can learn more here.

[Source: Evansville Otters]

See the Evansville Otters New Logo

The Evansville Otters are ready for baseball season, and they're starting 2021 off with a new logo!

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