When life hands you a pandemic you make a parody out of it.  One Alabama High School principal is doing just that.  He decided to write his own version of MC Hammer's Can't Touch This.

Dr. Quentin Lee is the principal at Childersburg High School in Childersburg, Alabama.  According to Al.com Mr Lee, wrote the lyrics in 15 minutes, then called film director Jaylen Mitchell of City Vizualz to record it. Volunteers included several students and teacher Jessica Veazey.

I love that he included his students, staff, and volunteers for the video.  While it is super hard for all of us to grasp reality Mr. Lee sets such a positive and fun example of how to handle all that is being thrown in our laps as parents, educators, staff and students.

I love all the parodies that have come out of the pandemic and here are a few of my favorites we shared throughout the past several months.

Our friend Ashe Parker has been writing and performing tons of parodies;

Owensboro mom, Chelsea Stratton, and her hysterical TiKTok video;

These all give me the giggles.

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