If you thought The Ring's damning phone calls were something to fear, you've clearly never had Miss Piggy waiting on the other line.

Last night (November 22), during the American Music Awards' subsequent commercial breaks, the famously brazen Muppets character recreated Adele's already iconic "Hello," complete with a cameo from her former beloved, Kermit. And she did so in the original's stunning sepia tones.

In the clip, featured above, Piggy casts the crooner's famous opening glance at the camera before bemoaning a fallout with a certain second party. She waits patiently—rotary phone pressed to her ear—before taking her sad song outside, where wind gusts sweep up her scarf and pea coat and smother her in airborne leaves. It's all so beautiful, until the renegade foliage finds its way into her mouth, and leaves her unable to continue singing.

Finally, in particularly volatile scene, the uncharacteristically calm character finds her feisty side once more, and tosses a teapot and keyboard at Kermit in the heat of an argument. A tiger doesn't ever really change his stripes, after all, and Piggy could only be diplomatic for so long...

A night earlier, Saturday Night Live spoofed the song in an episode that featured Adele as musical guest. The skit depicted "Hello" as a means to mitigate tense family fights at the Thanksgiving table. Keep it in mind this Thursday?

The Muppets airs Tuesday nights at 8 PM EST on ABC.

Check out the commercial above, and share your favorite part from last night's show!

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