I heard my wife listening to this video the other night, and I asked her to send it to me so I could write about it. I decided to look at some of the comments, and that's when I learned a little bit more about the story. First of all, the video is from 2015, obviously way, way before 'rona and social distancing and what not. I think that's important to know so folks don't get triggered when they see a big crowd of people at a youth softball game. The second important thing to know is WHY there is no national anthem. What you don't hear is the announcer saying "Due to technical difficulties, we will not be playing the national anthem. Let's play ball."

Both of those things are really beside the point. What makes the video so neat is the crowd's response, and what one of the teams does on the field. Following the announcement, both teams head back to their dugouts, and right away you can hear a number of people groaning and complaining. Then you can hear the words of our national anthem slowly getting louder and louder. It doesn't take long before a few people singing turns into the entire crowd belting out the Star Spangled Banner. Then, you'll notice one of the teams runs back out onto the field to pay their respects to the flag before they play ball.

Perhaps the best thing about this video is knowing that it happened back in 2015. Why? Because that tells me this has/had absolutely nothing to do with politics, or social statements, or kneeling, or anything like that. It was just a group of sports fans refusing to let some technical difficulties prevent them from carrying out a treasured pre-game tradition. That's good stuff!

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