Ok, this is BRILLIANT! Kudo's to Matt Damon for sticking up for teachers. And he's exactly right!

Think about this for a minute...
Teachers take care of hundreds of children in a day, often without everything they need to do the job well. Many of teachers work far more hours than most parents realize, and during the school day, they are left responsible to not only teach an educational curriculum, but unfortunately, also the fundamental life skills... Manners, Respect, Tolerance... All because parents have stopped teaching these core lessons at home.

I recently saw where some schools where doing away with teaching cursive handwriting. My reply was "GOOD! It's a waste to teach a child how to write in cursive!" Think about it... The time it takes to teach a child how to properly form a cursive Q or F could be used to teach that same child the benefits of music or art, which has often taken a back seat in education, but that's just my opinion.

Check out the video of Matt Damon as he stands up for teachers. I have gained a new respect for this actor.